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The Problem

Real estate agents and lenders have the same target audience: home buyers. However, federal law prohibits an exchange of a “thing of value” between real estate agents and lenders. This means lenders can’t pay real estate agents for referrals, they can’t buy them lunch or even send a gift basket. The real estate agent doesn’t benefit from the referral. Not to mention, both their marketing expenses are high…

The Solution

Fuze8 is a marketing platform where real estate agents and lenders can engage in joint marketing. Fuze8 will streamline joint marketing, allow the lender access to better leads, and save the real estate agent money on marketing. Fuze8 will streamline joint marketing, allow the lender access to better leads, and save the real estate agent money on marketing.



A real estate agent and lender can create a joint webinar page. The webinar is available on demand, and can be used as an educational tool (especially for first time home buyers) that brings in leads that both parties have access to.


Real Estate Agents

I. Reach more home buyers for half the price.
II. A set and forget lead generation tool (record the webinar once!).
III. Save time educating consumers about the home buying process without sacrificing relationship building.


I. Access to better leads.

ll. An educational tool to educate consumers, especially first time home buyers.
lll. Build new professional relationships, or strengthen existing ones.

Home Buyer

I. Get educated about the real estate industry from local professionals.

ll. Ask questions about the home buying process and have a professional reach out to you no matter how far along you are in the home buying process.

lll. Stress-free and convenient way to learn through an on demand webinar.


The cost is split between the real estate agent and the lender.

Joint Webinar Tool

The joint webinar tool is still being developed and is in beta mode. The pricing will be determined at a later date. If you would like to be a beta tester, contact us to get started! We offer premium memberships to all beta testers and discounts once the fully functional service is available!

Direct Marketing Campaign

Fuze8 also provides joint direct marketing campaigns. This is can include flyers, doorhangers, and postcards where one side is dedicated to the real estate agent and the other is for the lender. We also offer mailing services for the postcards. Contact us to get started!

Record Fee

The fee is $10 or 10%, whichever is lesser of the two. This fee is separate from the marketing campaign, and we offer premium memberships to waive this fee. The premium memberships are annual, and are perfect for power users of the Fuze8 platform. Contact us to get started!

How It Works

STEP 1: Pairing

A lender or agent can send an invite to participate in a joint marketing campaign through Fuze8. We can also pair the parties for an additional fee.

STEP 2: Create Webinar

Both parties will jointly create a webinar using templates and tools we provide. The webinar can be on any topic, such as “purchasing your first home”.

STEP 3: Webinar Page Set Up

Both parties upload their branding, descriptions, details, and the joint webinar (which will be hosted on Vimeo) onto the webinar page. Once there is full approval, the page will be live!

STEP 4: Generate Leads!

The page is now live! Both parties are encouraged to drive traffic to the webinar page to generate leads. Fuze8 can help drive traffic for an additional fee.

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